Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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Jocelyn did such a lovely job putting together Kim & Baby June's shower ... and it was such a sweet afternoon ... I wanted to make sure I shared some photos from that day.  Especially since all my family lives so far away and this is the only way they get to be a part of the festivities!  But instead of a lot of talk (especially since in order to do the day justice, there's a lot of photos), I'll "caption" my way through the photos today!

Joc did all the decorating.  She made the pendant banner with her Silhouette.
June's baby quilt will have pendant banners on it, too!
A "Headband Station"! All the guests were given the opportunity to make a headband for the baby.
Isn't that clever?  She had headbands in different sizes and lots of bows and flowers and embellishments. And tags, so Kim would know how big the headband was and who had created it.  It was fun!  I wish I'd thought to get pictures of the finished creations.
The "J" is for June wreath!  Kim was real pleased with this. She's going to use it for the hospital door! Joc was real pleased with that.  :)  These are the same fabrics I'm going to use to make the pennants banners for June's quilt.  On white.
And here's the Guest of Honor/Mommy-to-be (again)!
Joc made the fabric corsage.
It looked a lot like a peony - Kim's favorite flower!
The food buffet.  Joc took care of the decorating and had her co-hostesses take care of the food (which I thought was a very smart move).  I did the punch -- which is my favorite punch recipe and was a big hit -- sausage balls, and . . .
The S'mores Pops!  They look a lot more elegant here than they did in the styrafoam! These were a big hit too -- especially with Sawyer, who I think managed to each four or five (or six) by the time it was all said and done.  :)
The cake was pretty -- June Madelyn Panter -- and tasted marvelous!
Ellie came all ready for a party in her pretty party dress and hair bow! 
Sawyer, bless his heart, woke up early from his nap.  He is (like most of us) a little--grumpy--when he first wakes up! I do believe he sat on his mommy's lap the entire time she was opening presents.  He wasn't going to *anyone* else!  Several of the guests had brought a little something for him, too.  It was very sweet!  (But not sweet enough to get him out of Kim's lap!) 
Kim sent all the hostesses home with these pretty little packages!
Isn't this fun?  She made us each a jar of Honey Caramel Dip--which is *marvelous*--and topped it with an apple. And wrapped it in a fat quarter!  (I don't have to count gift wrap fabric in my stash report, do I??!  LOL!)
All in all it was a lovely afternoon and Kim and June got some very darling things!  I can hardly believe that in just one month, June will actually be here!!!!  YAY!!!

James shot this on Saturday morning.  He's got a great eye and a steady hand -- two important attributes for a professional photographer.  Here he had a beautiful subject, as well, which didn't hurt!!
Some fun things going on in blogland, too ... Missy, at Missy's Homemaking Adventures, is doing a birthday giveaway which is definitely worth checking out!  And Wendy, over at Ravenwood Whimzies, is hosting a "Thanks For Giving" swap and signups are open until September 30th.  I've also gotten some snail mail squishy love that I'll share with y'all tomorrow!

Today is a Camp MACOBA administrative kind of day ... I gots to earn my keep!  LOL!


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Cathy said...

You know, I think that is the first picture I've seen of Sawyer without a smile on his face. But it looks like the rest of you had a fabulous time.

Barbara F. said...

Everything looks so lovely, Denise. Jocelyn did a fabulous job, with lots of creativity and love. Sawyer might have sensed what was going on had to do with "Sis", so he wanted "Mommy & Me" time! xo

Missy Shay said...

Thanks for sharing about my giveaway! Looks like you had a lovely time!

Teresa in Music City said...

Agreeing with Cathy - I've never seen Sawyer without that gorgeous smile of his :*) And Ellie looks like such an angel!!!

Jocelyn did a marvelous job with the shower. I wish I had more talent at that kind of thing but I don't seem to have received the "hostessing talent" gene. The headband activity looks like it would be fun. I especially love the gift to the hostesses - very fun but still useful too :*)

Mary said...

Well, it went just as you expected. Great for Kim and June, soon to be here. Ellie was the Belle of the ball! She looked adorable as usual in her party frock. Great idea to make headbands.

Amy said...

OOOOh, the pedant on the fireplace is so nice! I've been wanting to make one for a while. The J wreath is also a great idea for the hospital door. I'll have to keep that wreath idea for a future baby shower.

Lea said...

I love the headband station! It's really special because of the special personal touch on each band for the baby. I enjoyed looking at the pictures. What a fun event :)

Sarah said...

Me thinks Sawyer forgot his pants
:( I probably would have snuck some extra smores on a stick if I were him too (Can you believe we didn't do smores the last camping trip either??!! Glad I ate a lot the first trip. LOL)

The party looks delightful - especially the headband stations - what lovely memories when June gets to wear the bands.

Jean(ie) said...

yummm. sausage balls... Love those!
Heck, I just love party food. Share your punch recipe. We want to know what it is!

Kate said...

Looks like a fun and beautiful shower. Unfortunately, I don't work with many women so I don't get to many baby showers, but the last one I went to, we decorated onezies (sp?) for the baby. That was fun.

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Jocelyn did a beautiful job with the shower! I love the colors and ideas - I'll bet y'all had fun planning this event. Ellie looks lovely in her pretty party dress and who can blame Sawyer for sneaking some of those s'mores pops? I would have done the same thing!