Friday, September 07, 2012

to all the cats i've loved before . . .

A quick run down of the furry felines that have touched my life in the past sixteen years (or, in the case of Gwenevere, who moved to Alabama with us from Maryland, twenty years) . . . 

Gwenevere, of course.  She was such a character!  

Merlin was my birthday present in 1997.  He was just six months old when I got him.  Such a sweet baby cat!  
He lives with Kim and James today ... at fifteen and a half, he's now a  little old man.  He really missed Gwenevere when she died.  (Who of us didn't, though?)
They really were a pair!

Cash became a shop cat where I worked, when his owner couldn't get him to stop spraying in her apartment.  We had him fixed and hoped that would do it, but it was too late.  
He went out to the owner's home to be a barn cat.  He was so personable and had such a sweet, funny face!  But he smelled *horrible*!  

This is Reese.  She was(is) the shop cat where I worked.  I'm pretty sure I've blogged about her before.  Such a goofball calico!!  She was a teeny, tiny thing when she first adopted us.  
She did not stay teeny, tiny!  The guys in the shop would feed her burritos (after which, she'd smell horrible for a while, too).  She'd do about anything for food.

Here she's pictured -- or her substantial rump is pictured -- with Smokey . . . 
Smokey was another stray that wandered into the shop.  We think he was a half-brother of Reese.  He stayed around long enough for us to get him fixed, de-wormed, and vaccinated.  He *loved* attention.  But he was also a wanderer at heart, and couldn't stay in one place for long.  

Leia was a rescue cat as well.  Kim found her at her work and brought her to James and I at our  work.
But Joc was the one who ended up keeping her.  She was such a bitty baby here!

I think I have a thing about achromatic cats!!  Someday I'll scan photos of my "younger years" cats.  Ummm....who were all mostly black and white or white.  LOL!

I'll be linking up with Sarah Did It! and Feline Friday!

Don't forget ... Block 2 of the Grandmother's Choice BOW comes out tomorrow morning.  Yay!!  Happy weekend!!!


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Melissa Bishop said...

I love cats. Thanks for sharing your fur babies with us.

Janet O. said...

I can just hear Willie singing your title! : )
Some lovely cats--I grew up with many cats and the solid black and calico cats remind me of home. We also had a couple of orange tabbys.
Due to severe allergies in my kids, we have had only goldfish. Tried a cat once and my daughter developed bad asthma in a heartbeat. Not a good idea.

Missy Shay said...

My husband is partial to long haired orange cats, although we have a calico, black and white tuxedo, gray and white, 2 orange and white and one solid gray.

Sarah said...

All such beautiful babies but the "baby picture" of Reese is to just die for. Alas, I won't be home most of tomorrow to make GC#2 but I will at least find 5 mins to pick a black fabric. Oh and I have a source for the ruler I need to make my tiny blocks :)

Kate said...

Beautiful kitties all of them. I love cats, but due to allergies, can't keep one. Thanks for sharing.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Your life has been enriched with feline love, some for many years.

Grammasheri said...

Such sweet cats! Love the pictures!