Saturday, October 06, 2012

down on the farm . . .

What a marvelous day yesterday was ... the weather was simply gorgeous with temps in the 70's, clear skies, and a delicious little breeze!  I picked up a friend early in the morning and we headed to downtown Fayetteville (which is a darling, cozy little Southern downtown square) and hit Sir's -- a discount, family-owned fabric and notions store. You'll definitely be seeing the influence that stop had on my stash in tomorrow's stash report. We also had lunch at Honey's ... a diner on the square.  It was a lot of fun!

From there, I headed home, switched gears, and headed back out to Tate Farms!  
This would be Ellie's first visit to the farm -- she was definitely dressed for the day!   There was so much to see and take in, she kept that wide-eyed, serious look almost the entire time we were there!
Sawyer, his mommy and Aunt Jocelyn headed over to the pumpkin house for photo ops.
Like this one!
At least one of the three of us smiled for the camera!

These pumpkins were made for climbing . . .
Not really, but when the pumpkins are that big *and* stacked, what's a boy to do?!

Sawyer found the big tractor right away . . .
How many adults does it take to arrange two small children for picture purposes?!?

"Sawyer?  Can you give Ellie a hug?"
"Uhhh, I not sure.  No."  Even if I hadn't told you he said that, his face pretty much expresses it all. LOL!

Sawyer thought this was hilarious.  Ellie didn't take kindly to being the cow.  Or being pulled on a rope by Sawyer. Or having her face poked through a hole in a board.

The corn crib was a BIG hit!!  

Uh oh ... or maybe not!

Huh ... maybe it's not so bad . . . 
Now, if I could just get Mommy distracted long enough to get some of this stuff in my mouth!

I wanted to get in there so badly ... but it's really hard to get out and I wasn't quite willing to risk it with my foot!  It's been a while -- since I took my high school class to the Farm for a field trip about eight years ago -- since I've played in the corn crib!  I will not that Sawyer brought some home with him.  I found it when I changed his diaper later that evening!

From the Farm, we all met up at Sawyer's house for pizza and early birthday cake!  I didn't think to ask for a *before* picture of the cake.  All I've got is . . . 
Definitely an *after* shot!  It was a Peggy Ann's cake -- our absolute favorite bakery!  And the flowers were lavender!  My darling husband -- he knows me!  I had some very lovely gifts -- I'll be sharing those in bits and pieces over the next weeks.  My family was very, very good to me!

There's definitely enough leftover for a little sliver with my coffee . . .
After all, I do have to eat a little something before I take my morning meds!  I'm taking the rest to Maryland with me.  Don't laugh.  I'm serious -- don't laugh!

And I wanted to share this:
Isn't it beautiful?  It was hand-crafted by Rebecca from over at Dances with Pit Bulls aka Crazy Rebecca.  I won it and it came in yesterday's mail.  It's even more gorgeous up close and in person -- she does marvelous work!

Today will be a busy day as I get ready to hit the road tomorrow morning.  Tonight I'm going to a balloon release event being held by Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.  October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month -- the national day of remembrance is October 15.  The local chapter of NILMDTS (in which Jocelyn has become very involved) is sponsoring tonight's event.  It should be very touching and beautiful -- the balloons are glow-in-the-dark and will be released after dusk.  I hope I'm able to get a picture or two to share.  I know this is a subject close to the hearts of several of my blogging friends, because they reached out and shared after we lost Everett.  Joc's work with the group has been very good for both her and those she's been able to minister to in the process.

So, that's *my* day ... but the Leafs Me Happy hop is STILL going on!  Can you believe we've already completed five days?  The tenth -- MY DAY -- will be here soon!!!  We're taking a break over the weekend, but it'll be back in full force on Monday!


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Jean(ie) said...

OK, fess up. What did you buy at Sirs.... I miss that place. I'm looking at your teacup and "morning meds" Cake is an AWESOME morning med! Bwahahahahaahahahahahah!

Jean(ie) said...

P.S. You still need to hit Hammer's in Winchester. Trust me.

Barbara F. said...

New item added to my bucket list: Visit AL and hang with my dear blogging bud, Daneesey, who just knows how to have a fun day. This was my kind of day, D, love the photos, Sawyer has a new haircut? Ellie adorable as ever, and something about a farm stand and pumpkins just makes me happy!! xo

Lea said...

Is that birthday cake yours? Happy birthday!!! :)

I enjoyed your photos in the farm. I was smiling looking at Ellie and Sawyer.

Enjoy your weekend. Have a blessed one and stay happy! :)

Janet O. said...

What a full, fun day! Love that farm and all of the photo ops, which apparently did not impress the kids. : )
Beautiful crocheted doily you won. What a treasure. My Mom used to make those and I have one that is dear to my heart that has small roses all around the outside in a variety of colors.

Mary said...

The corn looks like fun to play in, Not to eat! I love watching the gradnchildren at the Pumpkin patch. We'll have to plan a family trip or I will have to live through thier individual pictures when they go. Sawyer does show it all on his face. How many days until Baby June comes?? Have a great evening! Good cause to send off balloons. Sad for the reason.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a fun day!! And Happy Birthday!!

Kris said...

Oh, dear friend, you look sooooooooooo happy!! What a fun, fun day!! And Happy Birthday!!