Wednesday, January 04, 2012

and speaking of . . .

Joc and I had a marvelous day yesterday ... we were quite a pair; both hobbling around (although for very, VASTLY different reasons). But we made TREMENDOUS progress on the projects we set out to accomplish. With the exception of a few very minor touches, the nursery is fairly complete and looks completely adorable. Joc heads to the doctor today and they will set a date for Ellie's arrival sometime next week. I will be on pins and needles, waiting to hear from her this morning!

And speaking of family, I got some fun quilty things for Christmas. My mom sent me this darling, darling fishy fabric, along with a fishing stitchery pattern and some cute, cute embellishments!

My Todd is an avid fisherman ... seriously, the man loves to fish like I love to quilt ... and I've been meaning to make a pillow cover for his back pillow for ages -- this is the perfect fit!

And speaking of embellishments, I also got this dear little book from Kim & James:

One of my fellow guild quilters had brought this book in (along with her crazy quilt) to show me earlier in the year. I knew this was a book I'd like to have in my quilting library. (A crazy quilt is *definitely* on my quilting bucket list.)

And speaking of crazy, Still Crazy After All These Years (a Paul Simon hit) happens to be the theme of our guild's challenge this year, in honor of the guild's 25th anniversary. While I'd been tormenting myself pondering and reflecting over what I could submit, nothing really had jumped out at me.

It wasn't until I was thumbing through the embellishment book and thinking about how the guild's 25th anniversary and my 50th birthday years coincided, that an idea began to take shape . . . but that's all I'll divulge on that for the moment!

And speaking of guilds, a friend of mine from the guild, Barbara B., has just started blogging about her joy of quilting. Barbara's an avid and incredibly talented quilter. In fact, I've taken several of her classes at the LQS. She also was the chair of our guild's 2009 Quilt Show, *and* she's had a quilt juried into the 2010 AQS show in Paducah, and has one she collaborated on entered in the upcoming Road to California show! Please check out my friend's blog (and maybe say hello and that I sent you) HERE.

And speaking of friends, my darling friend, Edit, from Hungary, is having a one year blogiversary celebration! She's got a lovely giveaway going on and you'll want to be sure to check it out -- HERE. You'll want to turn the Google translate on for her blog, but it's well worth it. Edit does some amazing quilting and I've truly enjoyed getting to know her and seeing her gorgeous work!

And speaking of work . . . I have some I need to attend to. I'd better get off of here and get busy!

Happy Wednesday!


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Pat said...

Cute fish stuff!!! I commented on your friend's new blog and also signed on to follow it. I always like to read blogs of experienced quilters!

Barbara B said...

Thanks for the "shout out", Denise. Must make a slight correction--I was honored to have a quilt in the AQS show at Paducah, 2010. I have one I collaborated on in the upcoming Road to California show--a big west coast show.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Our quild is celebrating 25 yrs. too! We had a 'silver' challenge which items were brought in at the Christmas dinner/meeting - lovely things. And I am playing with some fish/camping/plaids today. Seems we are on the same wave length. I will certainly pop into your friends blogs and say hello.

Anonymous said...

Oh that embellishments book looks fantastic - and I don't even sew!!! Have fun with your projects!

C. Joy said...

I have a 'crazy' quilt idea for you. Find a block you like and choose your main fabric piece, write a post and ask for volunteers (your followers/ readers) to make you one block. You send them all the same piece of fabric (I'm talking about a piece of fabric that would fit in a regular envelope - not yardage- and they add the other pieces and send you their block (give them a deadline to get it in so you can have time to put your quilt together). Then you would have a crazy quilt to enter in the show that was made (in part) by your crazy followers.

Have a great day - continue to heal.

Cathy said...

Oh how very exciting that you will know Joc's date of delivery later today. Maybe by this time next week you'll have a little bitty baby girl to hold and cuddle. Praying for you and for her.

Mary said...

I like Crazy Quilts, but never made a whole quilt. I just collect the stuff ie: Shiny, fun fabrics and laces to make it. Thanks for the link to Barabra's Blog. It's always fun to welcome a new blogger to the blogworld.

Editfolt said...

thanks for the entry of the game.! Thanks!