Sunday, January 08, 2012

stash report #2 and nursery tour . . .

I made good progress on the Ellie's Got My Heart quilt yesterday, though I didn't finish piecing the top. I'd planned to, but I got a visit from this little fellow . . .
(And his mommy and daddy, too!) I had the opportunity to spend the evening with them at their house, so I gratefully took 'em up on it! I got to give Sawyer his little fleece hat. He doesn't like new hats (he has to see them on his head first and get used to them), but I could put it on his baseball cap. Which was pretty cute, too.

He's such a charmer! I imagine my grandchildren will be able to get me to do just about anything for them. LOL!
It was so funny ... Kim pulled out this chair (for herself) and also Sawyer's little brown chair (for him). He climbed into her chair so she went to sit in his. "No, no, no, mommy!" He said as he pulled her away from his chair and sat in it. As she went to sit back in the bigger chair, he dove for it. It was quite amusing (to me, anyway)!

Jocelyn texted yesterday afternoon and said she'd finished all the final touches on the nursery and there's a nursery tour on her blog! It's *so* cute! If you want to check out a complete scope of Ellie's darling digs, you may do so HERE. I really loved the little pillows and the deco lampshade. What a bright, fun, and happy room. :)

Stash report!! I'm linking up with Judy Laquidara's Patchwork Times for stash reports in 2012. We'll see how I do. For this week, it's not so bad. My intake was all fabric given to me, by Jocelyn, for specific usage -- so it will also be outtake, shortly.

Used this week: 0.5 yards
Used year to date: 0.5 yards
Added this week: 4.0 yards
Added year to date: 4.0 yards
Net used for 2012: -3.5 yards

This afternoon I'm headed back to the quilting bunk room to finish up the heart flimsy. Time to get a movin'!


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Editfolt said...

What does that mean: added?

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love watching these reports - I don't do this for one reason - you all would throw things at me! But I do keep a count of my thread usage - I go through a lot of thread.

Pat said...

Went and looked at Joc's blog and the nursery...WONDERFUL!!! It won't be long now!!! Cute photo of Sawyer with TWO hats on his head!

Sarah said...

Sawyer could be starting a new trend wearing 2 hats at once!