Wednesday, October 05, 2011

2011 fanfare quilt show (pt. 2)

I'm starting to get a little antsy . . . one can only sit around and look at blogs and Pinterest for so long (well, for a pretty long time) before one feels the need to . . . CREATE! Or at least do something. Even laundry! Yikes! That must be the pain meds talking . . .

My sewing machine is temporarily put up (because the table it typically sits on needed to be folded and moved out from blocking the downstairs bathroom door -- for obvious reasons), but there's got to be *something* I can do! Todd is going to get all my lovely fall decorations out of the 'basement' before he heads off for shift tomorrow, and Joc is going to come over and help me put things out. *And* we're going to do something crafty, too! I don't know what, yet, but we'll figure something out. :)

For now, let me present Part 2 of my slice of the 2011 Fanfare Quilt Show winners . . .
I love this little scene - it's so sweet and realistic!

This quilt is perfectly awesome! It was created by my friend, Kari H., who's the leader of our Stitcher's Group. In fact, I think I may have posted pictures of Kari working on this quilt at our last stitch-in. The colors are wonderful -- bright and happy -- but it's the quilty quips that make up the center of each block that absolutely MAKE this quilt.

Todd even captured a close up of one of the blocks. I'm figuring he purposefully picked the one about 'textile messaging'! This is definitely a quilter's quilt! I'm so pleased it won a ribbon!

I love the quilting in the empty blocks on this one. Really gorgeous stuff!

Love this replica of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night. What an incredible undertaking -- the quilter/creator, Elaine (our guild's current first vp), did a simply marvelous job with this piece. Stormy Night is probably one of my absolute favorites. Elaine is a tremendously talented artist!

This pretty little hand-appliqued wall hanging was also done by Kari! She was working on this on the car ride to and from our trip to Knoxville!

Love these big, sprawling sun flowers!!

And of course, a finish with my own Ben's Boy Scout Quilt!! I'm rather looking forward to hearing what the judge had to say about it! I know the quilting on this one was phenomenal -- my friend Becky did some remarkable, unique Boy Scout patterning for it! One thing I have determined through this experience? Never again will I submit a black flannel-backed quilt for a show! OH the lint!! It was non-stop!

Wish I could have shared pictures of all the quilts here, but I'm certainly grateful I can share what I have. For now, I'm off to grab a quick bite, wash it down with some pain meds, and then I'll read/nap. If it weren't for the stinking cast, I'd say this is the life!

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Pat said...

Great quilts.......and I love that first one with the little scene in it.....looks like some of it is three-dimensional. You surely don't lack for talent in your guild!!!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I remember how hard it was to do nothing when I was down with a fractured back last year. My only companion was a laptop, where I scanned emails, blogs, and watched movies. It's hard, for sure.

Jennifer said...

These quilts are so beautiful ... kinda makes me wish I knew how to quilt! Thanks for sharing!

Jean said...

Love em! I'm laughing at the Textile messaging.. Bwahahaahahahaaha!