Wednesday, October 05, 2011

cast cozy . . . oxymoron?!?

Hahaha! If that laughter is starting to sound a little maniacal . . . well, it probably is . . . !

I did get my toes polished. Understandably I had to go into surgery with no polish on my toes, but when one is forced to show them on a consistent basis, one needs to make getting them polished a priority! So, all better now, in candy-apple-red!

Well, the nails may be red, but my toes are turning blue! It can get rather chilly in here in the evenings. But let's face it . . . socks over the foot of a cast (1) don't work real well and (2) don't look all that great, either. They look lumpy and yucky. Grrrr.

But I *think* perhaps I've got an idea to put my crafting energy to use . . .

I took one of my old footie socks and cut it off the toe -- leaving me with about 3-4 inches of the toe intact.

Then I cut it again just above the heal -- leaving all the ribbing intact. I discarded the middle section.

Then I turned the ribbed section inside out and fit the toe section inside the ribbed section, so that right sides were together. So far, easy-peasy.

I took a really strong, white quilting thread and whipped stitched around the opening edge -- making two complete circles.

After the second time around, I tied off my thread and turned the converted sock right-side out. Looks kinda like a thumbless mitten, doesn't it?

Voila! A snugly fitting cast (or toe) cozy! No unsightly bulk -- no makeshift appearance! You know, as long as I have to wear a cast (for at least three months), I'll definitely be wanting something *cute* covering my toes! We're talking December/January, here! I can see a couple more cozies in my future . . . maybe even some holiday themes.

And perhaps tomorrow morning I'll craft a little pink felt flower for it . . .

Oh yes. Definitely.


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Pat said...

I expect we'll soon be seeing some really creative toes-y cozies from you!!! :)

Amy said...

Clever idea with the sock. I hope you feel better everyday. Thanks for visiting my blog-fortunately for me, the directions for the mystery quilt were pretty clear about colors.

Paula said...

Cute idea. Can't wait to see what you do for Halloween. Cat, pumpkin,ghost or a witch!
Glad you are doing better and keeping yourself entertained.
Gosh, I wish I was closer. We could have a ball sewing toesy cozies!
Love the polish!

Gmama Jane said...

Oh Denise, this is soooo cute!!! What a great idea, you clever girl! I can see some very creative and festive Toe cozies in your future. Is this the result of "drug induced creativity"??? LOL!!!

What can I do for you?? How about an apple cake?

Winona said...

You go girl. You can't keep a crafter down! Seriously though, I hope you heal quickly. I'll be praying for you.

Editfolt said...

fun way!

Jean said...

you are cracking me up! Keep those toesies warm!

Love Bears All Things said...

So you figured out what to do....I've never worn a cast but I remember when my Honey Bear broke his leg and ankle, he was certainly a bear before it was over..sending you happy thoughts.
Mama Bear

Connie said...

What a cute idea! I know my toes would freeze, I always had socks on. How about painting toes on the sock and add pretty red polish?????

Dawn said...

Love this - crack me up! Blessings to you - and thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!