Thursday, October 20, 2011

yet another . . .

Yesterday was a quiet, grey day. We had a wet, cold front move through Tuesday evening, and it dropped our temperatures drastically! Todd had been busy, busy, busy for the past several days and when he was finally able to make it home, just wanted a quiet day. No problem with me! I got the crock pot out and made Skinny Red Beans & Rice from a recipe found at Skinny Crock Pot, and decided to try out one of my new toys . . .

A light box!!! A LightTracer2, to be specific. I've wanted one of these for nearly two years and with some of my birthday money I went ahead and took the plunge! They come in several different sizes, but I liked the larger space of the 12" by 18" box, so that's what I got. I pulled it out of its box and got ready to go.

I found a design I wanted to transfer ... no surprise here ... another pumpkin!! This particular design was a freebie that came from Bird Brain Designs and they've actually got several fun freebies for the taking.

Sooooooo . . . I pulled the design up and enlarged it from it's original size, and then printed it out on regular paper.

Then I picked out my fabric. I wanted a solid and I had this tan fabric, but the back side of the tan had more of a vintage linen, which was kind of the look I was going for, so I cut out my square, ironed it flat, and flipped it to the wrong side! I'm such a rebel. :)

I secured my picture, face up, on the light box, and then centered and taped my fabric over top of that. You can tell, with the light box off, trying to trace that pattern onto the fabric would be really, really tough.

But with the flick of the switch, Voila! Look how nicely the design on the paper shows through the fabric!! Makes it very easy to see and trace. In fact, when I was going back through the photos, I had to double check to make sure this wasn't a photo where I'd already traced!

And so, lickety-split, I had my design traced onto my fabric. (With water removable ink, of course.)

It's pretty neat to see my pumpkin go from computer to paper to fabric . . .

And in less than thirty minutes, too. Not bad. Now for the long part; picking colors and lots and lots of back-stitching!

But I love how my Pumpkin 'n Vines turned out! It's so sweet -- I especially like the little french knot pumpkin blossoms down there.

Now to find some fun fabrics to frame it and we'll see where it goes from there. I can tell that I will have fun my light box . . . there are several applications I'm looking forward to trying with its help.

Dinner last night was great, by the way. I've really enjoyed every recipe I've tried from the Skinny Crock Pot website. And it was nice to cook again -- even if it was a crock pot meal. I think Todd was happy to have me at the helm for a change, too! Tonight is our guild meeting -- and Todd's going to take me. Yay! Can't wait to share!


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Sarah said...

Such a beautiful embroidery piece.

Love Bears All Things said...

This is great and thanks for the links.
When I began my primitive embroidery on the Gardener's Journal, I told my man what I wanted and he built me a light box. It is pretty primitive too like the stitching. I'm always on the lookout for free patterns. I love this one.
And I'll be checking the recipes too. I love crock pot cooking.

We're up in the mountains....driving up yesterday, the colors were awesome even with the cloudiness and mist. Today looks like some of the same but we have some inside things to do. Tomorrow will be sunny and I can get some photos then.
Mama Bear

Paula said...

I bought a light box a short time back also. Love it. I think I have the same one. I love Bird Brain Designs. Love, love, love the free patterns. I also have a few I got as gifts. Your pumpkin is adorable and I am sure it will be awesome when framed.
I am off to a sale at one of quilt shops. Going out of business pre-sale. It is by special invite although I am sure the prices will not be as good as they be in a few more weeks. I will check it out.
Enjoy your guild meeting. Have a blessed day!

Cathy said...

I have one of those, to, and can't imagine how I did without it. The days of taping something to the window, in order to trace it, are long gone. I love your pumpkins, and the embroidery. Hope you have a good day.

Quilter Kathy said...

Great stitchery! I enjoyed seeing the steps of using a light box!

Jean said...

Look at you go! You must really like pumpkins.... bwahahahahahaa!

That's a really cute pumpkin! Srsly.

Rachel's Quilts said...

Love your pumpkin. I might have to give that one a try.

RicKaren said...

That's beautiful!

BarbC said...

I love your pumpkin and the fabric is wonderful! Is it a linen or just linen look? I have always embrodiered on muslin but want to branch out and use other fabrics.

By the way... I think I have my no prely fixed!


Deanna said...

Nice stitching. Thanks also for the crock pot tip.

Editfolt said...

super machine. I like to embroider. I rococco embroider embroidery!