Saturday, October 15, 2011

autumn tour through the camp . . .

Todd and I did get out and about on the golf cart yesterday afternoon. Gosh, it was just so beautiful -- God's handiwork never ceases to amaze me. It smelled wonderful, there was a gorgeous breeze, and it looked ... well, let me show you how it looked!

This is the view out the back windows at the rear of the RV. Look how the sun is filtering through the tree tops back there. Glorious fall! The big cement structure houses our super-duper generator. We'll never be caught unprepared with that bad boy!

Our first leg was down the big hill, heading toward the ponds. This is that in-between time -- where there is still plenty of green, but there's also lots of fallen leaves already. The nice thing about being up here at the camp is that we sure don't have to worry about raking. We just have to keep them off the top of the RV and the awning!

We first made our way up to Serenity Pond. Todd had ordered several new directional signs before the Jamboree. I'd seen them from the road, but this is the first time I'd seen the ones for the pond up close. They looked great!

Todd pulled right up to the deck/dock, and I was able to hop right onto it. The fall colors are the prettiest around the ponds right now. I'm always captivated by the reflection, too!

Of course we brought bread and floating fish food for our fishy friends. Obviously the sun was at our backs -- long shadows!! There was one little fishy waiting on us -- you can just make him out in the water, to the left off my shadow. It's been a while since we've (or at least I've) been down there.

On our way out of Serenity, I found some lovely wildflowers. Bright, happy and sunny yellow!

From there we rolled over to Silty Bottom Pond. I didn't realize this, but Todd had cleared a path all the way around the end of the pond that backs up to the road. It's really a gorgeous spot!

So here's a view from the back of the Silty Bottom -- on the other side of those trees at the top of the picture, up the hill, is Serenity. Again, the color down here is gorgeous!

Great view of the little bridge. I'm so glad Todd rolled me over here!!

And as we were coming back out, we found cattails -- I adore them!

We had a little trouble getting back up the hill from the ponds to the road. Todd had thought he'd tuned up the golf cart and gotten it all charged and happy. Evidently, however, one of the batteries (at least) is not up to par and needs to be replaced. It wouldn't have been as a big deal in the 'pre-surgery' days, but now ... it's another story altogether! It's near impossible to get a vehicle (even a 4-wheel drive) down and back up there, and it's very steep and (loose) gravelly. Crutching it up and out would *not* have been fun. But Todd managed to coax good ol' Easy (our golf cart's name) into doing his bidding, and we were back on the road. Whew!

We were on the road, but Todd didn't want to take any chances, so he circled us over to the lower road, to head on back.

This road runs below us. When I shoot my photos of deer and racoons, I'm shooting down from the back of the RV. The road is another 75-100 feet down the hill from us. Unlike the high road, this road isn't paved. I love the way the trees hug the road here! The property slopes down into a small meadow with little groves of trees for another 50-75 feet, and then turns into woods again.

Some pretty purple wildflowers caught my eye on the side of the road, but when I zoomed in to capture them, I saw a tiny little butterfly taking a rest and a sip! With temperatures dropping down like they have been at night, we probably won't see too many more of those!

And then back up the road and around, to get back to the RV. We sit fairly close to the high road, but because of this lovely hedge of grasses and crepe myrtle, we're well tucked in. You can just make out the top of the RV over the grasses!

So that was it from our lovely tour. Now I want to share a different kind of tour with you. One though a box of fun goodies my mama sent me!

First there was a pattern with instructions for a darling turkey centerpiece and these fun pilgrims!

As I've mentioned before, being a Mayflower descendant, Pilgrims hold quite a fascination for me. Did you know that contrary to popular belief, they did not always dress in black and white? No, no, no -- they enjoyed earthtones -- some of the most popular being red, green, brown, gray and lavender! In keeping with that, my mom also sent me some *gorgeous* fabrics to help me clothe the little Pilgrims up there.

My photo does not do justice to this fabric grouping -- it's perfectly yummy!!

Also in the box were lots of fun embellishments, as well as the felt for the turkey head. Look at all those fun buttons. BUTTONS!! And sequins! And turkey feathers!!! My wheels are already churning, thinking of fun projects . . . !!

But wait, there was MORE! Some pretty fall-colored fat quarters, two little pumpkin candles (which is AWESOME, because the two I had melted somewhere along the way, and were no longer very pretty, to say the least), and some pretty fall napkins ... and a trick-or-treat bag! TREATS! My mommy sure does know how to do a crafty care package up right!

This morning I'm all Roll Tide red and ready for game day! Alabama plays Ole Miss tonight, at Ole Miss. This is always a tough game for me . . . because even though I'm a big Crimson Tide fan, I *went* to Ole Miss! I didn't get my degree there, though, so I guess I won't feel too bad about my cheering practices. LOL!

I've just finished off the last of my birthday cake -- someone had to do it -- with a mid-morning cup of coffee and I'm ready to tackle some more felt flowers . . .

These are for Joc's bouquet. I've got a good start on them all! So between felt flowers and trying to figure out all the new changes to my iPhone with the OS5 update, I'll keep myself plenty busy.

Enjoy Saturday -- thanks for hanging in there with me -- and don't forget to count it *all* joy!!!


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Love Bears All Things said...

I loved this post so much, until I got to the BAMA part anyway, Ha! Seriously, I loved the tour of the camp. It must be such a blessing to live there....your Mom is so sweet to send such interesting things, I can't wait to see how it all turns out...Its good to hear about you getting out and about....have a joyous weekend,
Mama Bear

Paula said...

I am so glad you got to get out and enjoy the fall colors. It must have felt wonderful. Something we probably take for granted till we are unable.Your camp looks beautiful. I am hoping I may someday be able to visit it.
Aren't moms the best. They sure know how to always make us feel better with wonderful little gifts. You certainly will not be bored. Can't wait to see the finished product.
Hoping your team does well today.
En"joy" the day.

"Say What?" said...

What a beautiful place to visit. It made me so homesick for dirt roads.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Pat said...

Oh...I LOVE those photos of the camp...and my favorites are all the ones with the water and the nice reflections in them! What a great package from your mother, too!!!

Winona said...

Wow! What a gorgeous camp. I would love to live in a place like that. I know you loved getting out and about. Very sweet of your dh to take you around. What a great mama you have! Mine would never think to send me a crafty care package. Have fun.

Brittany said...

Hi! I just wanted to drop in and say thanks for visiting my blog and introducing yourself! How fun that you live so close =) We lived in the Huntsville area for about 3 years, but we moved about 100 miles away in 2009. My hubby still works on the arsenal though. There's some beautiful country up that way! So nice to meet another Alabama gal ~ Roll Tide! =)

Barbara F. said...

What a beautiful place you live in Denise! It truly is paradise. I am glad you are getting out and about. Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday of mine, and I have always loved Pilgrims! I have several pair that I love. xo

Rachel's Quilts said...

You are definitely surrounded by beauty. Pinned one of your pictures on my "Beautiful Places" board.

Petit Design Co. said...

It WAS such a lovely day yesterday in AL wasn't it? perfect weather!

Quilt Hollow said...

I wondered if you were able to get out and about much and now I are seeing way better things than I am! LOL Absolutely beautiful photos and your mom is just adorable....I wish mine had thoughts like yours!!!

Lee said...

May I say, I must confess, I am a bit (perhaps understating) envious of your beautiful setting. Thank you for the delightful tour, and I can hear the silence of birds, and the breeze in the trees, what a blessing. My sensitive ears were irritated at church this morning by a child's rustling paper, cell phones, and other such disturbances while trying to be attentive to the pastor.