Sunday, October 30, 2011

lovely day and a surprise visit . . .

After I'd finished swapping my blocks at our stitch-in meeting today (more on that Monday, complete with photos), Todd and I grabbed some lunch and headed back to our favorite place . . .

The colors are just coming into their peak and it was a super-gorgeous day!
So gorgeous that I couldn't help but take this shot of the drive into the camp twice. And then talk Todd into taking us out on Easy! Well, to be honest, I didn't have to talk him into it -- we mutually agreed it was the thing to do!
The air was cool and crisp and since we had a huge camping group up at the camp, there was the definite smell of campfire in the air. I wish I could share with you all how marvelous it was!

We got into Easy (which had all its batteries replaced, so it was high-powered and ready to roll) and took to the Nature Trail. This is the first time I've ridden the trails in ages. I love the woods in the fall!
This is a fairly easy trail -- some ups and downs, but nothing too strenuous. It starts at the road below the pavilion and runs all the way behind the pavilion and the campground, and then opens up at the far end of the meadow.
As we came down the meadow, we saw there were still quite a few vehicles and tents up. Most of the guys had headed to the entrance of the big meadow, for a 'pumpkin chunkin' contest!
Two different teams had created their own catapults and were ready to start chunking pumpkins down the meadow. We were originally going to park here, behind the two teams, to get shots of pumpkins hurtling through the air (boys will be boys and so will men!), but one of the guys came over to us and said that he'd looked the contraptions over and we probably weren't safe where we were. LOL! We moved.

The first team got ready to chunk their pumpkin and I pointed my camera lens for the clear, blue sky, ready to catch the shot . . .
Where'd it go?!?

Oh. Oops. That was a bit of a dud, huh?
At least it made forward progress! Several of the pumpkins from one of the teams *did* go backwards! Good thing we moved!

From there we made a detour back to the RV to take care of something real quick.
What in the world?!?

Ah . . . it never fails these days. I must have bad-Easy vibes. Something always happens when I'm out and about in the golf cart!
In case you're still not sure, that's Todd, under the golf cart, fixing the accelerator. It got stuck in "full speed ahead" mode! YIKESSSSSSS! We sure were a site hauling down the road from the meadow back to the RV! I'm soglad he could fix it. My man can fix everything!

At first I passed the time looking at the few clouds that were floating by.
Have I shared how enamored I am with our fall colors?!? Well, I am. After I got tired of looking up, I looked down and realized what a plethora of acorn bounty was at my feet! Yes, I was quite the sight, hopping around on my crutches, picking up acorns. Hey. There are things you can do with acorns. Crafty things. Things I might even get to. Those acorns I picked definitely won't just sit in the bag out in the golf cart until Todd gets tired of them and throws them out.

Todd was able to get the accelerator unstuck and we headed back out again. This time we headed down the Hidden Pathway, which leads us to one of my favorite spots in the whole camp!
Secret Creek! It's been a long, long time since I've been down here, too.
It's such a lovely spot. The water was clear and sparkling and making such lovely sounds, rolling down the creek bed.
As we headed back out, this stump caught my eye. There were actually three of them grouped together. Isn't it funny how the lichen grows up the side, stacked like that? Creation is amazing, which doesn't really surprise me, considering how much more amazing its Creator is!

After we came out of Beech Bottom Trail, we headed up the High Ridge Trail.
I'm just so enthralled with this day and the smell of brown leaves and woodsmoke and cool air, I'm nearly giddy! We got to the first ridge and looked down ... there's the beautiful Serenity Pond! You can just see it down through the trees.
And yes, Easy travels all these trails without too much problem. That little golf cart's name is rather tongue in cheek. Since we purchased him for the camp, his service has been anything but easy! Todd talks about putting a lift kit on him, so the tree stumps are easier to manage. LOL!
This was the view from the base of the pond. Another stellar shot and we turned around and headed back down the trail.
From the trail we hit the road again, heading back to the RV.
This time we went up the back way. We'd come in that way earlier, and I'd noted how lovely the fall foliage was looking on the right side.

And as we came back in, I noticed for the first time how beautiful the berries were on our holly trees!! This line of holly trees is what shields our site from the pavilion. The berries are big and red and thick on this particular tree -- won't be long before the birds find them, though!

We had to hurry back home. Earlier I'd gotten a surprise call from Kim and we were expecting company . . .
My favorite Sawyer!!! In his hat, as per normal!

He's got such a big personality. Even when he's on his knees, checking out the birds and squirrels out the window.
It struck me as I looked through all the photos I took of him today (oh yeah -- dozens and dozens), how much he really does remind me of Overall Sam, with his hat pulled down over his eyes. It's so cute! That reminds me of a quilt I need to finish. Hmmmm. Moving along now . . .
The last couple of times Sawyer has visited me, Todd's not been here. And since I'm not in shape to drive the golf cart, Sawyer's not been able to do his favorite thing when he visits Paw-paw and Neesey (his favorite thing *after* giving me Eskimo kisses) -- go for a ride on Easy! So today he got bundled up and he and Todd took a nice long cruise around the camp. Todd says Sawyer talked the whole time!

When they got back, Sawyer got busy. He's fascinated by the cap on my case and really wants me to take it off. Sawyer's daddy hates it. I think it kinda grosses James out. Sawyer just wants to see what's in there!
We distracted him by giving him a shopping bag. He then proceeded to collect every pumpkin and gourd he could find, along with 'his' remote and a couple of leaves he'd brought in from outside.
He'd drop everything in the bag, put it on his shoulder, tell everyone goodbye and give a wave.
Of course he'd make like he was headed for the door, but then run to his mama. Just in case she was worried he was really going to leave without her.
He's such a darling little boy. And truly that's what he's fast becoming. A little boy. It nearly brings tears to my eyes to think how quickly time's passed since he was a baby!

All in all it was a grand day. Todd and I capped it off with a little bedtime chocolate. For him, chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and for me, a hot chocolate and whipped cream. Care to guess who'd been wearing long johns all day?!

Today Todd has headed off to work and Joc is coming to spend some time with me. We may even head over to Tate Farms to join Kim, James, and Sawyer for their church's fall family fun day. Haha -- you know what that means?!

MORE pumpkins!


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Love Bears All Things said...

I just spent some time catching up on your posts of the past few days...So many fun Fall things going on...
Mama Bear

Jean said...

Isn't nature beautiful? You're hosting in an awesome place. I'd be visiting that stream every day. That would be my happy place. I'd also be throwing in some big rocks to get some "noise". I love the sound of a stream...

Pumpkin chucking... you had to get that in...LOL!

Paula said...

This was so exciting... to ride with you on a tour of your camp. I felt like I was sitting next to you. What a beautiful day for a tour.
Sawyer is adorable in his hat. What a charming little man he is. Don't you just love this learning stage of his life?
Have a wonderful Sunday.
Thank you for the tour. I loved every moment of it. I could almost smell the leaves and the camp fires.

Barbara F. said...

I've said it before but I'll say it again, you live in a very beautiful part of our country. The colors are amazing and the blue sky! Just incredible. I am glad to see you are getting around much easier. xo

Pat said...

What a fun post filled with great photos! Did you know there is a big "Punkin Chunkin" event in Delaware every fall? It's next weekend and teams come from around the country and even usually one from Great Britain. We attended it's a lot of fun a huge fall festival with lots of entertainment and outdoor cooking as well as the pumpkins flying through the air!!! I think if you Google it, you'll find info on it. The Discovery Channel (TV network) has done a show on it in the past.

Gmama Jane said...

I felt like you and I were on "Easy" just like back in the summer when I came up for a visit. Macoba truly is a beautiful place but Fall definitely shows off her splendor. I honetly could smell the wood of my favorite smells. Your day will be one of those fall memories you hold in your heart forever.

Michelle said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing! I just can't get over how big Sawyer really do grow up too fast!!

Sarah said...

Loved the tour of the camp - the colors are gorgeous. The snow and subsequent sunny day pulled a lot of our leaves off but it's surprising how many are still left...