Thursday, October 27, 2011

holiday eq . . .

Perhaps I overdosed on pumpkins? It's not even Halloween yet, and strangely my thoughts have be wandering into yuletide cheer! Or perhaps my thoughts are inspired by my crafty fall things. I think that must be it! OR perhaps it's because my sister Julia whispered something in my ear the other day when we were on the phone. Something like, You know what would be really cool?! Yeah, words like that always get to me!

We were discussing table toppers. Specifically we were discussing the cute little Leaf & Acorn topper I'd made last season and subsequently raffled off. It was from a darling Art to Heart book (I love all of those books -- they have the *cutest* projects). I posted about it HERE. And from that particular project, I got the idea to create my own Candy Corn topper (blogged HERE). And Julia suggested that the same sort of construction would be really cute with holly leaves. Huh.

Holly leaves. And red berries. And lovely green holly leaves. Which. I. love.

So, feeling a little anxious about very confident in some of my new EQ7 abilities -- from those terrific lessons I've been working through -- I decided to open 'er up and see what I could put together. I'm pretty pleased with what I came up with!

I started with this, but decided immediately that while it was a good starting point, it didn't look finished.

So I definitely like the addition of the littler holly leaves in there, but they'd have to be attached a little differently. And it still looks a little ... unfinished.

Oh yeah, now we're getting somewhere -- I remembered I could play with thread, too! That fleshes it out some and gives it a little dimension. But it's still ... just a little ... I don't know ... blah.

By jolly, I think I've got it! A holly berry topper is born! I love how pizazzy-jazzy this looks! The great thing about drawing in EQ is I know that if I use these pieces as my templates for cutting, it will stitch together just wonderfully!! I have it filling an 18" square, so it's pretty decent sized -- I may shrink it just a tad. And I think metallic quilting thread will definitely be called for. Definitely. :)

But not to worry. I've got *plenty* of time to stitch this ... and I'm sure there's still a pumpkin (or two), some turkeys and definitely some dear little pilgrims out there calling my name!


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MB Pazazz said...

First visit to your blog. LOVE your 'Count it all joy' quotation. Appreciated seeing the design process journey from the first few leaves and berries to the last design with different fabrics and stitching. I don't like working with metallic thread, but it will be stunning. Do post the finished product - I will be checking back in with you regularly. I'd be inspired by this if I didn't have 8 (very simple) Advent banners to sew for church and a long overdue skirt and dress for myself first....

Barbara F. said...

Denise , I think you should open an Etsy store! You are so talented with this! xo

Connie said...

Denise, I love this design you made in EQ7 and it will be so neat as a tabletopper! Can't wait to see it but I know there will be a turkey......coming up right?? Take care!

Cathy said...

This would be really cool as a colouring project, rather than applique, don't you think?

Pat said...

Oh, Denise...I am so wishing I had time to take that same EQ "class" you took. I love what you are doing with those holly leaves and berries but I can't imagine how you did that in EQ. I'm sure it will be a beautiful piece....please be sure to keep us updated on your progress with it!

racheld said...

I so admire your talents and the persevering til you have it just right. I have not an artistic bone in my body (except I've always been able to make "pretty food" for we catered for a long time),

I caught the first one, as a wonderful pattern for our Sweetpea to color and cut---simple and timely very soon, so I'd love to print it out for her to do some decorating with after Thanksgiving.

I've always wanted the simple, quiet congeniality of a quilting circle---there was a drop-down frame in the ceiling of the first little house we lived in after I got married, and on quiet afternoons, I'd sometimes lower it, set out four chairs, and pretend to see how it might have been for that long-ago grandmother and her friends.

I really enjoy dropping in, and hope you'll visit LAWN TEA often, as well.