Thursday, October 13, 2011

a fun pumpkin day . . .

Oh my! My daughter and I really did make it a pumpkin day -- and such fun we had playing with pumpkins and PAINT! It was really quite lovely, but before I get into that, I wanted to show you the *marvelous* ruler Joc got me for my birthday. It was late getting shipped, so she brought it with her yesterday. This ruler has been on my list for a while . . .

The June Tailor Fancy Fleece ruler!! Isn't it fun looking?! All kinds of slots and grooves. I decided I wanted it after watching a tutorial on its uses, HERE. Take a look at the demo video and tell me I won't have blast making fun fleece hats and garments for my grandchildren!! :)

Anyway, we got down to the business of decorating pumpkins. It was kind of wet and dreary outside, so we opted to stay indoors, which meant no carving for the day. Joc had picked up a plethora of pumpkins and gourds. I decided to start playing with small things. Joc decided she needed to get a picture of me playing.

Me: No, no, don't take a picture of me!

Joc: Mom, your peeps need to see you.

Me: No they don't!

Joc: Yes, they do. Don't argue, smile!

LOL! I figured I'd do better to just publish the photo than deal with the wrath.

My Jocey (isn't she cute?!) painted one of her light colored pumpkins a creamy white and decided to do an argyle pattern on it.

She's very involved in her work.

And she's doing a very good job of ignoring the fact that I'm taking her picture!

I continued to play with little pumpkins. I love the little pie pumpkin that I painted with the black strips and silver glitter!

And polka-dots. I do love polka-dots. That little squatty pumpkin was the perfect backdrop for colored polka-dots :)

While we played, we watched/listened to Finding Neverland. What an enchanting movie. It generally makes me a little misty-eyed at the end. But I adore watching the children watch his play. So precious! I wonder if it really happened that way? Besides all that, I think Johnny Depp is a tremendous actor. He's come a LONG way from 21 Jump Street! Anyone else remember that show?!?

Next I worked on a Crimson Tide pumpkin. Roll Tide ROLL! Haha -- I'm so silly!

I got a great base on it, but it was still too wet to work on the white A. I'll have to go back over that later.

Jocelyn's argyle pumpkin turned out GREAT! I love that look - so classy!

This one is going on her front porch. I think she was going to hot-glue some potpourri for a make-shift stem.

Before we knew it, the afternoon had slid into early evening and it was time for her to get ready to go. She make us each a Pumpkin Latte (a recipe she'd found on Pinterest). It was so yummy! I sat and propped my foot and drank my latte, while she cleaned up paint and brushes.

There were pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere . . .

In all stages of decoration (or not). When you live in a small space like I do, it doesn't take too many pumpkins to fill it up!

Joc found it *very* amusing that the wax paper she used under her pumpkins was virtually spotless . . .

While the wax paper I used was covered in paint and paint and more paint. What can I say? I am a messy creator! I like to feel and experience the paint. And I'm not a color-in-the-lines kinda gal, either. LOL!

There's my cute little striped, pumpkin. I thought this was the perfect place to display him.

He looks like he fits in there perfectly, all shiny, glamorous and glittery!

Joc didn't want to leave any of the pumpkins in her car, to roll around and get bruised, so since we'll be at this again next time she's over, she went ahead and brought the rest of them in. I couldn't help but snap this shot -- she looked so darling!

And I hope I don't get in trouble for this little jack-o-lantern graffiti on her belly! I really don't think mini-Merkelette will mind. Like I said, she just looked so darned cute!

So this is what's left for us to work on Tuesday . . .

It should have been Saturday, but Todd's taking off for part of his shift to give the kids a break over the weekend. Yay, I'll have my darling man for the day!

And then there's these three big 'uns -- the biggest of which will definitely be carved, by me! I have a couple of days to consider what I'm going to do ... something fancy, or a traditional jack-o-lantern face. Hmmmm. Then I think we're going to try doily stenciling on another. That looks so cool! Joc bought some adhesive spray to make the job easier.

I'm under strict instructions NOT to play with pumpkins until Jocelyn comes back. *sigh* I'd love to get my hands back on my Crimson Tide pumpkin in time for Saturday's game. But I'll behave -- I promise!


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Editfolt said...

Oh Denise, you look good.! We are not fashionable in Hungary to paint pumpkins. But it can be very fun. I hope you have good legs!

Sarah said...

I haven't watched the video yet but the ruler looks like it has many uses. What a neat gift!

I don't think my family has ever painted pumpkins - it's a great alternative to messy carving.

Barbara F. said...

Love the photo, Denise. You and Joc did a great job......was little Sawyer taking a nap? 'Cause I think a bit of paint would have gotten on him, too!! ^o^ I saw several recipes on Pinterest for pumpkin spice coffee, it is a favorite of mine. xo

Cathy said...

The 2 of you look like you were having a blast. I've never thought of painting pumpkins before. What a great idea.

Jean said...

it's nice to put a face with the name. Looks like y'all had tons of fun.

Loved the baby bumpkin jac-o-lantern...


Pat said...

What a great job you both did....and...I LOVE the graphic you put on her belly.....LOL

~blessed said...

3 things -

Great to see ya!

Joc's Argyle pumpkin is great! I love argyle!!

Please tell Joc to post her Pumpkin Latte recipe- I follow her too, so I'll get it there.... ;)


ps - like the new cast!!

A Gracious Home said...

Great pumpkin work. I love pumpkins. I love Halloween. My daughter in law is so great at decorations. I'm always too late for everything. I really enjoy seeing your work. Doylene

Linda said...

Denise, love your blog.....thank you for posting on mine!

Jocelyn said...

What a fun day! I'm excited to pick it all up again when I come back. :)

Gmama Jane said...

I think the part I like best is the sweet way a mama and her baby girl still enjoy each other's company! The two of you together make me miss my Mama so much. She and I would spend lots of time together.

Michelle said...

I like the argyle one!