Tuesday, October 18, 2011

zentangle, grandson, and pumpkins . . .

Okay, I want you to know up front that my text and photos won't match, most of the time. That's because I had a surprise visit from my darling Sawyer yesterday, and I captured as many photos of him as I could and I love sharing them here. Really, I like posting them on my blog so that I can easily go back and re-live his visit. And so that when he's here, he and I can go through my pictures of him together. When I scrolled through my blog with him yesterday, he saw a picture of Todd bending over giving him a kiss -- Sawyer said, "Paw-paw!" How great is that?!?

Yesterday morning started with a treat . . . my darling husband brought me breakfast in bed! The whole works -- eggs, bacon, toast, and fruit, as well as coffee! Of course, I promptly (and completely unintentionally) upended my coffee ALL over the bed. Bless his heart. He was not intending on having to strip the bed and put sheets in the wash before he left yesterday morning. I can't share enough how caring this man is -- he really takes such terrific care of me. And never a cross word about it. I know how very blessed I am.

I've been scoping out some blogs that deal with zentangle. Is that a new phrase to you? It was to me, when I first heard it a couple of months ago at our guild board meeting. Our programs director shared she had made arrangements for a certified zentangle instructor to speak at our November meeting. It's a process that's making headway into the quilting arena, and if you're a doodler, you'll fall in love with it immediately!

One blog in particular that I've found interesting is I am the Diva - Certified Zentangle Teacher. This is strictly zentangle, no quilting, but I'm enjoying understanding the process before trying to figure how it applies to quilting.

Suzanne McNeill took zentangle to fabric and she talks about it HERE in this youtube video she shot at the Houston show in 2010. It's worth a look to see how doodling transfers to not just quilting, but quilt design.

This Thursday is our regular guild meeting. I'm hoping I can talk Todd into dropping me off. Our guest speaker this month is Sue Reich, and her lecture will be Quiltmaking That Saw Us through WWII. This coincides with a wonderful quilt exhibit at our local Huntsville Museum of Art, Blood, Thread & Tears: World War II Quilts. I hope I get an opportunity to see it! One of the benefits of having Sue come in is that she's also speaking at the Museum of Art. Because the guild's paid for her travel and the shipping of her quilts for the museum exhibit, the museum has discounted entrance fees for all Huntsville guild members -- for the year! Pretty cool stuff; they get some pretty decent exhibits.

Joc wants to see the zentangle program in November, so she's already agreed to go with me to that one. Whew! Ride secured. That's one of the most frustrating aspects of being laid up like this . . . not being able to drive. But I really do feel like I'm healing and that I'll be better when this ordeal is over. My pain level is nearly non-existent (which is AWESOME just eighteen days after surgery), and I think the daily ultra sound is helping a lot, too.

My Sawyer is such a little darling. He was enthralled by all the pumpkins and gourds I had around!! He carried a little ceramic pumpkin and this striped pumpkin I'd painted *all* over the place! When I brought out a big one, he said, "Whoa!" I love the timber of his voice when he says that word, truly in awe of what he's seeing! He enjoyed the hollow sound he made when he knocked on the big pumpkin -- he laughed and giggled and knocked some more!!

I'll leave you with this last glimpse into my visit with SGP . . . I was finally able to capture his Roll Tide, which is quite darling . . .

And today is a pumpkin day, part two, with my Jocelyn!


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Sarah said...

Can't wait to hear about your
Zentangle speaker. I've seen it around the net but since I'm not a doodler only kept it on my periferal (sp?) vision. Maybe in Houston there will be demos?!

Cathy said...

I've seen some of those zentangle "doodles" floating around in blogland. Calling them doodles is like calling a symphony a "song". Way more complex than my doodles will ever be. But some of them are gorgeous, and more like art. I liked looking at the pictures of Sawyer, while reading your post. Gotta get them cheering for the right team young....... so very cute. Enjoy your day with Jocelyn.

Paula said...

Zetangle??? I will have to check it out.
I only sort of paid attention while reading. To bust watching Sawyer. Roooolllllll Tiiiidddddee! Yea!