Monday, October 10, 2011

happy birthday to me!!

Yay! I love birthdays . . . I love family & friends getting together, packages, cards and surprises, cake and ice cream and lots of happy wishes. What's not to love?!? :)

Today is also the day I pick a winner for my Fun, Fall Giveaway!! If you haven't entered yet, you've got until 6 pm (cst) this evening!! Just click HERE! Whoohoo!!!

Here's a couple of shots from Kim, James, and Sawyer's visit the other night ...

Sawyer had found the arm that opens/closes the window over the couch, and he was fascinated with it.

I'm not if it was the mechanics of the arm or just the joy of controlling whether or not the window was open. Regardless, it kept him occupied (and consequently, up on the couch with me) for a good bit of time.

Love that face of concentration! And the hat -- he loves to wear his hat. What a darling!

He also loves getting sugar from his Paw-paw! In fact, he went for a ride with Todd & James on the golf cart, and Todd said they had a blast! He went on a ride with me on my rollinator; while it wasn't as *much* fun as the golf cart, it was still a ride! And you can't really tell it from the above picture, but we strapped his booster seat into the seat of my rolling walker -- it was a perfect fit, and meant he could be rolled from spot to spot, which was funny!

I mentioned yesterday that while my design wall remains blank these days, my designing mind can't stop thinking of things to do! When I was putting out my fall decorations, I decided to put a lovely fall table topper -- one that I received in an online swap -- on my wicker ottoman.

I trade candles out with the seasons, too -- so my Macintosh Apple flavored Yankee Candle was stowed with my fall stuff. I thought I'd put it on my ottoman, too, but the jar is looking rather nappy, and it just didn't look ... nice.

So then I thought, why not a candle jar cozy? Why not, indeed!

Like I said yesterday: what would have taken me 90 minutes at the most, on the sewing machine, took me two days by hand. It made me appreciate those days when women sewed their own and their families' clothes all be hand. What a chore!

In retrospect there are some things I might do differently if/when I do this again, but overall I like the way it turned out -- it's got a squat, pumpkiny look, which I like and I did quilt it, so technically it counts as a quilt finish! LOL! I think I may come up with a little cap for the glass lid, too. So maybe it's still in my design mind. ;)

As is typical of Mondays, I've linked up to Judy Laquidara's Patchwork Time's - head over there and check it out!

A couple of happies to note . . . Joc just called me after leaving her latest ob appointment. Everything is looking great for her and mini-Merkel 2! Joc has noted that MM2 is a definitely kicker (as she put it, "this baby kicks like she's trying to show Leigh Tiffin how it's done") and responds to outside influences, like hands and the doppler machine. I felt her moving and kicking the other day -- she's so darling!!

I had forgotten that my name and e-mail would be listed in the Missionary Prayer Calendar that's placed in churches all over North America. I've gotten several lovely e-mails from brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the place because of that, and it's a lovely feeling!

I've got my doctor's appointment today and this cast is coming off!! I'm so excited because a very itchy itch has developed right along the incision, and I'm dying to get at it (or at least near it)! A new cast will go on, but it will have at least one hole in it, and I'll get a nifty little machine to hook-up to that stimulates bone growth! Doesn't that sound fascinating? I'll post pictures, for sure.

Everyone's coming over here this evening for a birthday celebration -- yay! Oh happy day!


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Judy D in WA said...

Adorable little boys in a super cute hat with something that moves and it makes something move! Can it get better than that! Moments to cherish for sure.
I love your fall decor! And I'm sending super speedy recovery prayers.
Have a happy, happy birthday!

Connie said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! Your grandson is so cute! I can't imagine making the table topper by hand stitching but it is beautiful. Macintosh Apple Yankee Candle sounds yummy. I just bought their Kitchen Spice and Pumpkin Buttercream votives to try out.

Good luck with getting your cast removed and then made smaller, it will be interesting to read about the bone growth machine.

Editfolt said...

happy birthday to you! I hope your foot is already good. Very excited for you because nyereménysorsolásod. What if I get lucky today.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Happy, happy birthday!! And I'm so happy to hear that your cast is coming off. YAY!!

Rosa said...

Happy bithday.Your grandson is adorable.Nive hear you have a good recovery.

Pat said...

Love those photos of Sawyer controlling the window!!! Hope you are enjoying a nice birthday celebration tonight!

Jean said...

Your grandy is cute... what a busy little guy. Hope you're whipped up in a party frenzy all full of cake and ice cream...

Happy birthday!

A Gracious Home said...

Happy Birthday! The pictures are great. A very cute little one. I pray you are all healed. Doylene

Deanna said...

I hope your day was truly lovely! Mine was pleasant. Husband tried hard to make it a special day.

What better present, though, than getting the cast off? I hope that went well.

Linda in Calif. said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Your little guy is just too cute!!!