Saturday, October 22, 2011

will you walk into my parlour?

Said the spider to the fly. This lovely lady is what greets visitors to my humble abode this season.

And she's my contribution to "spooky" foto finishes today over at Cat Patches!

But as you can see, she's really quite festive and pretty, and while she has the potential to look very ... realistic ... in the dusk, she's harmless and makes beautiful noise, too!

I realized I'd never shared my fall decor, so I figured I'd wrap up this week with a walk-through of the RV, all decked out for autumn.

I love my little acorn swag/hangie thingie that drops down nicely from my paper towel holder.

With the requisite basket of gourds of fun shapes and colors.

And on my mantel, just a couple of fun pumpkins (of course there's pumpkins in this post)!

And if you look closely, you'll see I've also gone just a little batty!

Over my little window, just a sweet candelabra piece of leaves and acorns, along with . . .


And from that window, looking towards the back, my little wick ottoman with my sweet fall table topper and a little pumpkin collection.

Some festive little tea towels hanging off the stove . . .

Yes, of course they're pumpkins!

And over the opposite window, a happy little display of (say it with me now) . . .

Pumpkins! And owls and one of my darling little mason jars filled with candy corn!

And gracing our kitchen table, more candy corn in my little quilted table topper, along with a pumpkin filled with felt flowers.

More candy corn hangs on my pantry cupboard door. I love this little wreath. Lesson learned, though -- both Joc and Kim hung theirs outside, and it couldn't handle the moisture. I feel so badly, because that was my choice of crafts when we had our last craft day. Next season I may have to make one for each of them to replace the one they lost.

A pumpkin placard hangs from the door, and my little scarecrow guy hangs from the door knob. I thought for sure that since it was in Sawyer's reach, he'd find that little guy and love on him, but Sawyer's not noticed him yet.

And if you look beyond the door into the office/sewing room, you'll see my fun find of the season -- the houndstooth witch's hat! We had such fun taking turns wearing it around Sawyer yesterday. He wasn't quite sure he liked it. And he *definitely* didn't want it on HIS head!!

Looking from the back of the RV back towards the front, is my fall leave runner, along with Mr. Squirrel and his acorn.

Of course, the little wicker acorn basket it bigger than Mr. Squirrel - I think that explains the smile on Mr. Squirrel's face!!

Last night was the Friday Night Sew-In, and I let James tuck me upstairs last night thinking I had everything I needed to work on my Snow Buddies project. When I went to start stitching, I realized I'd left all the different threads I needed downstairs. *sigh* I could have crutched it back down and gotten what I needed, but I'm still really hesitant in coming UP the stairs by myself. I'd certainly do it in an emergency, but I decided I didn't want to put myself in a position of being hurt or falling, so I finished up what I could on their bow ties and then pulled out my kindle instead. Que sera! Progress is progress, right?

Pardon the photo -- it's a cell phone shot!

We've got campers coming into the camp this afternoon and overnight. I imagine there will be the lovely smell of campfires in the air this evening. Todd and I have a darling group of senior ladies from FBC Gurley coming in tomorrow afternoon for a fish fry! Todd catches and fries up the best fresh fish fillets you'd ever want to taste. I can't wait!!

Hope sunshine fills your weekend -- if not literally, then at least figuratively!


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Kate said...

Love your spider and the rest of your fall decor. You definitely make the most of your space!

Barbara said...

Well, aren't you all decked out! The place looks great! I love your spooky spider.

Paula said...

I loved the tour of your home. What darling decorations.
When we travel this winter I am only taking small projects. I hope you make toppers for all the seasons.
Thanks for sharing your world with me/us/ the whole world! LOL!
The sun is shinning here and I plan on having a great week-end and I hope you do also.

501 Quilt Blocks said...

Wow! You have a lot of decorations! Your spider is the only kind I like - not real! Good choice!

Pat said...

You have a real knack for decorating so sweetly! Thanks for the photos...I enjoyed seeing them.

Rachel's Quilts said...

Great spider! Your place is very festive. We haven't bought our pumpkins yet. Hopefully this weekend.

Jean said...

Fifth wheel or moho? Your RV looks huge... Ours is just a 28-foot airstream

quiltzyx said...

Terrific decor in your RV! and your 'spooky' spider is great - thanks for sharing it all with us.

Cathy said...

Everything looks soooooo nice in your house. Well, maybe except for the spider in your kitchen. I'm not much of a spider fan, in any form......eeeeeeuuuuuuwwwww!!!!!!!

Connie said...

Your fall decorations are so cute! You do a wonderful job making it so cozy.

Lee said...

I always marvel at those who pull it all together for all the holidays. Your fall decos are great. I have one box of fall's still up in the garage storage area where it's been for many years...and your spider wouldn't bother me...too much. I have a plastic cockroach, like one of the big palmetto(?) bugs that I keep in a utensil drawer. Someday, someone's going to reach in and...well, they would if we ever had guests, lol!

Katherines Corner said...

Your RV looks festive and I sense a theme...pumpkins perhaps, giggle. I love the smell of a campfire. Our next door neighbor had a fire in their fire pit last night it smelled great. Sending hugs your way and wishes for a beautiful day ahead xo