Sunday, October 02, 2011

october's daybook . . .

I know I say this every month (well, most every month -- somehow I completely missed September), but I cannot believe how quickly this year is passing! Here it is already October, and I just realized I completely missed doing a September daybook. Ah well; time may be passing quickly, but these days, I'm moving more slowly within it, so perhaps I'll catch up?!? (If that's not convoluted logic, I don't know what is!)

Outside my window... it is a gorgeous, fall afternoon. I've got all three of the bedroom windows open and I'm enjoy the sweet, fragrant breeze and the birdsong!

I am thinking... what a wonderful and gracious husband I have. He took my camera down to our guild's quilt show to take pictures for me. Isn't that sweet? It really hurts my heart to not go, but this morning was not a good one, so it wasn't worth the risk. But he knew how important it was to me, so he went by himself.

I am thankful... for my darling husband, my children, and friends and family who've all been so loving, caring, and supportive. Especially now as the long, slow, and tedious healing process begins.

From the learning rooms... I've been taking the EQ7 Tutorials and I'm learning so many fantastic things about the software and its application. I've also been going back and brushing up on some of the more basic embroidery stitches, to use in some felt wool projects I'm working on.

In the kitchen... I have no idea. I haven't been down there since Thursday! Haha!! :)

I am wearing... a cast. Haven't you heard?! It's all the rage these days . . .

I am creating... Christmas projects. Shhhhh.

I am going... no where until 10/10, which is when my next doctor's appointment is. Ah, and when I'll randomly choose a winner for my fall giveaway!! But to check that out, you need to go HERE.

I am wondering... if my headache will go away, what will we do for supper tonight, how Todd's making out at the quilt show, why didn't they let him in at the discounted rate, if I'm going to be able to easily make it up/down the steps today . . . my wonderings are rambling. :)

I am reading... Living by the Book, by Howard G. and William D. Hendricks. Great, great read on the art and science of reading the Bible. I'm also reading Sisters of the Quilt: The Complete Trilogy, by Cindy Woodsmall, and have a series by Beverly Lewis ready and waiting in the wings of my Kindle. And I'm also flitting around in the new Pumpkin Cookbook by Gooseberry Patch. I never wont for things to read! I'm also reading through a 30-Day Husband Challenge in conjunction with a a 31-Days of Praying For Your Husband. Very powerful and thought-provoking stuff.

I am hoping... steps are not going to be the issue I've built them up to being in my mind and that my headache goes away soon.

I am looking forward to... Jocelyn coming over tomorrow to continue our movie day!

I am hearing... not a whole lot -- a plane just went by overhead . . . perhaps a crop-dusting plane. The birds are still making bird noises, especially a blue jay and one of the woodpeckers!

Around the house... it's quiet. It's just only me. :)

I am pondering... how much easier adjustments have been this time around, as opposed to last time. Of course, I had time to prepare and knew what was coming, and that's probably the difference. But I do feel much better and brighter, even though the pain is a little more intense this time 'round. Taking a shower last night was far easier than I thought it was going to be, for instance. And I think we've come up with a plan for managing the meds that makes life easier, too. I'm *so* glad we decided to stay at the RV, rather than trying to make a move back to an empty house. It would have been so depressing to me. I love being up here in the woods!

One of my favorite things... hope. I have a hope that's grounded in faith. :)

A few plans for the rest of the week... let's see, Joc is coming to spend the day tomorrow, and perhaps on Thursday? My friend Reda is bringing a meal tomorrow evening and coming early for a bit of a visit. As far as the rest of the week, I'm not sure what it holds. Some stitching, some movie-watching, and some visiting. As for the rest, we'll just have to take it as it comes and see what I can do with it!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... My Grandpa Wadleigh's birthday was October 1, and so I can't help but think of him as we start this month off. This photo was taken perhaps in October of 1992; we had gotten together to celebrate his birthday. He was quite a character and I loved him dearly.

What fun memories!

Lots of great entries going up for The Simple Woman's Daybook . . . head on over there and be sure to check some of them out!


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Jan@southernjunkin' said...

Ahhh sweet lady, your spirits are high and you are loved! You have so many opportunities to plan fun things! Get well soon!

Love Bears All Things said...

I enjoyed reading your day book.
Mama Bear

Winona said...

Sounds like your husband is a keeper. How sweet of him to go take pictures of the quilts to show you. I hope you heal quickly.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow your hubby went to the quilt show and took pictures!!! How very sweet!!!

Jean said...

Oh, I love that photo! Look at him with all his kids... Love it!

Hope the day is getting better...and so are you! Hugs!

Pat said...

Sorry your day started off with you being uncomfortable and I hope it improved. That was really nice of your hubby to go take photos for you at the guild quilt show!!!

Paula said...

Your husband went to the quilt show to take pictures for you? Wow! What a guy!
I read Sister's of the Quilt last winter. Loved it. I love Beverly Lewis books. I will be starting another trilogy by Wanda Brunstetter titled, Sisters of Holmes County. Another Amish book. I wonder if we could ever give up all that we have to live the simple life of the Amish?
You take care. Glad you are resting.
I keep praying like crazy!

Deanna said...

31 days of praying for your husband sounds interesting. More details? Keep healing. The rest of the world will wait.

Cathy said...

Beautiful thoughts. I love reading your Daybook posts. They are great food for thought. I hope your day goes well today, and also the coming days as you sit quietly, lean on the Lord, and feel His healing touch.

amanda {the habit of being} said...

I'm assuming you must've recently had some sort of surgery on your right foot...not fun. Love that your attitude remains positive. How sweet of your husband to go to the quilt show for you too ;-)

Valerie Neal said...

Thanks for stopping by!!! Withering Heights is a first time read for me, I've seen the movie, but want to try the book! Lovely family!

Theresa said...

An RV in the woods, how cool is that?! I hope your headache has gone away and you are feeling better. I enjoyed reading your daybook and browsing your blog. What beautiful quilts!!!

Rebecca said...

What a thoughtful husband you have!!

Hope you recover quickly and that your headache is gone.