Wednesday, December 19, 2012

bits and pieces . . .

I think one of the saddest things I've heard (locally) about the tragedy in Newtown, was a comment made by a young elementary school student to his mom.  As she walked him into school, the boy noted that there was a policeman at the door.  The little guy looked up to his mom and told her he was glad that the policeman was there at his school, and he hoped the policeman stayed all day.  It makes me want to weep.  

On a happier note, June is doing much, much better - and again I thank you for your prayers, wishes, and for asking about her!  She's still got a nasty sounding cough, but the doctor said to expect that. 
As you can see, she's back to her normal, good spirits!  I think she may have even *giggled* at me yesterday!  She's seven weeks old today.  Gracious!

Can I tell you a secret?  I still have not done a lot of decorating in the RV (on the other hand, my Christmas shopping is done).  I've decorated outside, though! Inspired by a picture my sister sent me of the front of her house, I pulled out the deco mesh and got busy . . . 
I've always wanted an outdoor tree!  James brought Sawyer over the other day. Sawyer got out of the car, saw the tree and exclaimed, "Look, a tree! Neesey made it!" I have no idea how he knew that!  
It's *really* pretty at night ... I adore colored lights at night!!

I also 'spruced' up my gum tree wreath ... I added a big, green bow.  It really needed a bow, I think.
Now it looks extra festive (especially with all the red and gold glitter of the burrs)!

And finally I finished up Lesson 3 of my redwork course.  
Whipped and lacing stitches made up the last exercise of that one.  As you can see, if that was a stitch you were going to use, you'd want to mark your cloth a little differently!  I need to get Lesson 4 finished post haste.

More than likely, I'll be back later on today . . . I've got to get some posts in!


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Needled Mom said...

What a sweet little face. Glad to hear she is doing so well.

I like the idea of the outdoor tree. It looks pretty as does the wreath and redwork.

Michelle said...

Who else would have made it? :-)

Cathy said...

What a beautiful, happy, make your heart glow, smile that baby girl has! And I love your tree, and the way it glows at night. Very pretty.

Barbara F. said...

So happy to hear that darling June is feeling better. She is the most adorable baby (well, next to Ellie and sawyer! ;-) lol). I didn't do much this year, either, cut myself some slack. The Lord knows I still love Him with all my heart. xo

Mary said...

Happy that you get to see your g-babies so often. It's good for both of you! June is a cutie to be sure. Two trees in my house and a few lights on the porch. Not much compared to the year the living room was filled with my almost 100 nativities and 6-7 trees in varied sizes.

Jean(ie) said...

My Judith Baker Montano books came in last night. You will L-O-V-E them. Look her up. She has several tools/guides for handwork stitching. Her stitch tool booklet is really handy and will stay in my sewing tote.

So glad that June is better. precious babygirl.

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh so happy to hear June is doing better! Good to see that sweet, happy, healthy smile!!!