Monday, December 17, 2012

why does santa like to wear bells?

Wait for it . . . 

Because he likes a good bell-y laugh!  Bahahaaa!!

I've got my own personal, non-Christmas countdown going.  This is post number 980 and I've got fourteen days left in December.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

Sawyer and I had a glorious time together Saturday morning.  James dropped him off and Sawyer was ready to go!  We had talked about feeding the fish and he was excited about that ... and he also wanted to see the cows.  That's always a hit or miss, so I had to cross my fingers on that one!
So we loaded up on the golf cart.  He had the baggie of bread to feed the fish with.  He took his duties of holding onto that bag *very* seriously!

Our first stop was at the new pipe that was just recently delivered up here for the new obstacle course.  Sawyer was awed by the size of it ... but wouldn't stick his head in the opening.  Not until I got down and did it first.  
The things I do for my grands!  He climbed in ahead of me ... but just a bit.  It is a little daunting looking down the length of the pipe from the inside!  
Next thing I knew, I was on the inside and he was back on the outside, encouraging me to, "C'mon, Neesey, we need to see the cows!"  Still clutching that bag of bread, too.

We went up to the upper field -- no cows.  Not a single one.  Not on either side. Oh well, he took it like a champ. We headed on down to the pond -- and I told him we'd head out of the camp and see if we could find the cows on the other side a little later.  
We got to the pond and he headed to the dock calling very loudly, "Fishes, we brought a snack for you!"  There weren't any of the bigger fish ... the water was too cold.  There were a lot of minnows, but I don't think he could see those.  We walked off the dock around to the right bank.  I turned around to see if he wanted to toss some bread in, and he lifted his piece to his mouth -- remembered it was fish food -- and dropped his hand. I took pity on him and told him he could take a bite if he was hungry.
In a flash, he plopped down on the bank and was finished off that entire bun. Well. I think my little guy was hungry!  (All that fruitless searching for cows.)

After the bun was finished and the hand was empty, he quickly filled it with a stick. It's what boys do. And boys with sticks near the water, well . . .
You guessed it! They play with the water with their sticks! And yes, that is one of the toes of my new polka dot boots!

After a little playing on that side, we walked over to the left bank.  That side of the pond sits under a grove of evergreens and there's a nice blanket of pine straw on carpeting the ground.
Evidently that was very inviting ... Sawyer flopped right down on his belly, mindless of the fact that  it could be wet, and went to town with his stick!  Oh my gosh, he's just darling.

I believe he could have laid there for a long time, just twirling around in the water with his stick, but it was kind of cold, and I was pretty sure it was damp underneath him!  Luckily I had a fleece blanket on the golf cart to tuck around us. When I said it was time to head out, he sprinted ahead of me. I love to capture him from behind . . . especially going across the "Billy Goat Gruff" bridge!
Note that he *still* has his stick.  He ran *way* ahead up the hill to the golf cart. Evidently I was not following fast enough . . . 
Check out that face!  He's such a rascal!  That expression just screams, "Are you coming or not?!" Haha!  

I so enjoy sharing the camp and things of nature with this little fellow.  And he soaks it all in and remembers most of it.  He can call the woodpeckers and he remembers where the deer bed down in the wind and rain and he loves being out and about in it all.  I'm sure you can't tell what a proud "Neesey" I am!


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Kaisievic said...

Oh, he is just adorable and such a boy!!!!!! Enjoy this special time with him before you know it he will be all grown up!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I think it is all wonderful stuff to share with him - PawPaw better watch out, there may be a new 'sheriff in town'!

Doniene said...

Made me smile!! What fun memories for you!! And God will store them in Sawyer's little heart forever!

I can't keep up with your posts!! LOL Such a busy Gal. Was sewing and praying for June - so thought I would drop you a note and let you know - God's put a special place in my heart for you and your family!


Teresa in Music City said...

What a sweet, adorable post! I could just squeeze that sweet face :*) How much fun it is to open up the outdoors to a little boy! I'm thinking that Neesey had as much fun as he did though :*D

Mary said...

Special times with a special boy. They gave him a great name- just like Tom Sawyer along the Mississippi. Such memories!

Kate said...

What a perfect day for a little boy. It doesn't get much better than that.

Jean(ie) said...

a boy and his stick... priceless! That makes it a great day in little guy world.