Saturday, December 01, 2012

two steps behind . . .

There was really no point in starting with "one step forward", because I'm not sure I'm not just continuously taking two steps backward!  Ever feel that way?  I am inundated and the next four days will be gloriously full (much as the past three days have been).  At some point I'll stop, catch my breath, and catch up. In the meantime, it is what it is:  DECEMBER!

I wanted to share a lovely, lovely win from the UR Priceless blog hop.  I'd stopped by Maria's blog, Personalized Sketches and Sentiments, to check out her sweet little purses (and she did a marvelous job, both with her darling purses *and* her fun presentation -- check it out HERE), and since I was already there, I entered her giveaway for a personalized monogram.  I was so delighted when she notified me I was one of her winners!  After chatting back and forth with her for a bit, I chose the name I wanted monogrammed and the font style and sent it off to her.

It came in Tuesday's mail.  I'd used Everett's initials -- I knew that would be something Jocelyn would enjoy -- and since I was on my way to visit with her that morning, I waited to open it until I got there.  Then I let Joc do the honors -- it's lovely!
And it's not just a monogram.  Check closely the lines that make up each letter:
Do you see it?  EVERETT over and over make up the "E".
And yup, SAMUEL is the basis for the "S".
And MERKEL!  Isn't it clever and beautiful?!  Maria did a fabulous, marvelous job and I'm so appreciative!  She does all types of sketches and is very creative. Definitely worth checking out!

While I was there, Ellie and I had some chat time . . .
Look how big she's getting!
Not a bad shot, considering I'm holding the camera!  Ellie couldn't quite figure out what was going on!  Look at her big, beautiful eyes!

And not to leave Leia out . . . she was most interested in my Redwork course exercises.  
She closely inspecting my satin stitches there!
Or perhaps that's her way of saying, "What hand work??  You came here to pet *me*!"  And though it's a day late, my week still wouldn't be complete if I didn't link up to Sarah Did It! and Feline Friday!!

On to the day's (month's?!) busyness!


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Teresa in Music City said...

Oh my goodness, Ellie is growing up so fast! She does have gorgeous eyes :*) Love the initial sketch - how special and unique!

Agnes Bullock said...

Ellie looks just like you- what a beauty!

That monogram is wonderful am so happy that you won!

Doniene said...

The monogram is amazing!! How fun for you! And Ellie is adorable - see why you cherish those times!! And Leia - what a hoot!!


Jean(ie) said...

Oh wow. that is a cool monogram!

Janet O. said...

Amazing work on that monogram--lucky winner that you are, you probably weren't a bit surprised when you won!
Ellie looks sweet, as always.
Maybe Leia has a knack for stitchery--or undoing stitchery! : )

Barbara said...

Ellie has a wise look whenever I see her in pictures, as if she knows something we don't. And she's growing too fast! Your kitty is giving you the paws that refreshes.

Lyndsey said...

Ellie is a real beauty. I think the kitty wants to help with your stitching ..... oh if she only had opposable thumbs!

Karen said...

Beautiful monogram - what handiwork! I must rub you the next time I see you; you are the luckiest gal I know!

Michelle said...

That's amazing -- congratulations!

Sarah said...

The monogram is stunning and I do hope that Joc liked it as well. Leia definitly wanted your attention over the stitching :) How much more of the redwork class do you have left? Seems like you've been working your tookus off for quite a while now.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I'm usually 'a day late' on projects. What a great sketch!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Thank you for sharing about your monogram for your daughter :o) I am very busy with art orders, so blogging and blog visiting is on hold for a wee bit :o)

Your sweet Ellie is adorable! You two have such beautiful eyes! And Leia looks like she is wanting to help out.

I would love if you are able to send any pics of it after it is matted and framed, so I can include it on my fb art page.

Have a blessed Christmas!!!

Blessings & Aloha!