Friday, December 21, 2012

december's swap's a wrap . . .

One of the *many* highlights of last night's guild meeting was swapping doll quilts with my December partner, Barbara B., who blogs at My Joyful Journey.   I have to admit that I was a little anxious about swapping with Barbara ... I've taken classes from this woman!  Her quilts are always stunning in design and composition.  Of course, I've taken classes from Barbara, so I've learned some things about quilting from one of the best!

Barbara's doll quilt to me was a pattern from the Temecula Quilt Co. -- a sweet "mystery" they'd offered on their blog last year -- Twelve Days of Christmas.  
Each of the twelve blocks increases in the number of pieces it's made up of -- the first block has one piece, the second has two, the third has three, and so on, to the twelfth day.  Barbara's gift to me is absolutely darling and I was thrilled to death when I saw it!  I've loved the pattern since I first saw it made up (haha -- in her home) and I'd vowed to make one of these days!  LOL!

But wait, there's more!  Barbara had kind of figured out what I was doing for her, and with scraps from her beautiful It Takes Two quilt (you can see her finished top HERE -- it's FABULOUS), she made this darling little Shoo Fly mini-mini for me!
Isn't it precious?!?  I just love, love, love it!!  And here's me with both of my darling gifts:
Yay!  It was the perfect start to our Christmas guild meeting -- especially since we were having a Christmas show and tell!

Next up, Barbara opened up hers from me.  I loved working on this sweet little piece, though as usual for me, I spiced things up a bit.  
First, you might (or might not, at first glance) notice that the white print is slightly different.  I used a holly print with a little more white space in it for the 2.5" squares and used a little more densely printed fabric for the pieces that made up the half square triangles.  I really like the effect of it in the overall quilt.

I also had fun making loops and putting my label on the back -- I stitched them down into my binding, which gave them a nice finished appearance (I've always struggled with the label part of my quilts).   
And then there's the quilting.
One of the things I've learned with machine quilting with the shimmer metallics or clear thread is that if you're not using the same color or clear thread in your bobbin, you'll see your bobbin thread color in the quilting on top.  Typically one wouldn't think this would be a good thing, but alternatively, it can add a little pop and eye interest.  I used the holographic shimmer up top and a pretty, bright red in my bobbin.  I like the effect of the dots of red and the shimmer -- especially in the white print!

Here's Barbara with her gift . . .
I hope she's as happy with her piece as I was with mine!!

Gingerbread houses coming tomorrow -- tonight I'm headed to spend some time with Sawyer and June!  Or, as Sawyer put it earlier, "Guess what?  Neesey is coming to town!"


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Agnes Bullock said...

Wow- I so want to try that quilt pattern!

Lea said...

You are both lucky with the pieces you got. Beautiful! Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to you and your family.

Barbara B said...

I DO love my quilt! Thanks so much--shoo flys are one of my most favorite blocks.

And THANKS for the links to my blog--hope some of your folks will check me out.

Many blessings to you and yours!


Needled Mom said...

What a wonderful swap!!! I think you both came out winners.

That Just Takes 2 top is spectcular. I love her borders on it.

Janet O. said...

You received two little beauties, Denise--and gave one as well! Lucky you, in so many ways!!