Saturday, December 15, 2012

what's an ig?

An Eskimo's home without a "loo"!  Baa-dum-bump.

June update -- her oxygen levels finally got to where they needed to be by doctor rounds yesterday evening and she'd had two good nursing sessions by then, too.  What she was still having trouble doing was sleeping in the hospital (who doesn't?!), so when the doctor gave them the option to go home, they decided to go ahead and go.  A lot of times with RSV, especially with infants under two months, exhaustion becomes as big a problem as anything.  Kim and James felt that she'd get the sleep she needed in her own home/bed.  She had a good night's sleep last night and so did Kim.   They'll have to keep a close eye on June for the next two weeks or so.  Again, thank you *so* much for your thoughts, prayers and well-wishes!

I wanted to share a couple of wins . . .
Farmhouse Retreat by Renee Nanneman, from Jane's Quilting, and Thimbleberries' Woodland Stars, from Cindy over at Hooked On Quilting!  Both have some really cute things inside them, but this one inside Farmhouse Retreat really caught my eye:
Isn't that darling?!

When Todd and I were out and about the other day, I convinced him--since we were so close and all--to stop by my favorite Fayetteville LQS.  While I was there I picked up one of these . . .
I've held out for so long, but there it was and there I was and next thing I knew, it was mine!  Yes, other *fabric-y* things were mine, too, but I'm saving that!  *wink*

When I mentioned the addition of the Dark Chocolate Raspberry M&M's to the giveaway the other day, one of my friends mentioned that she gets Cordial Cherry M&M's.  WHAT?!?  
Sure enough!  All the cherry cordial goodness without the wet, sticky centers.  LOL!  

Speaking of the giveaway, today is the LAST DAY to sign up!  I'll leave it open until midnight -- and I'll announce a winner tomorrow, sometime.  Haven't signed up yet?  Head over HERE!

In light of yesterday's tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, I was *so* especially grateful to have Ellie and Sawyer around to hug and love on.  Ellie gave me a first hand demonstration of her new phone abilities . . .
Although when I said, "Hello!", she still put the empty hand to her ear!  So precious.
Neesey?  What is that thing?
Are you taking my picture *again*??!

Sawyer's headed out this way to spend some fun time at the camp with us today.  We're going to take the golf cart out and go down and feed the fish at the pond.  Tonight, Todd and I have his Station's Christmas party ... another busy day!


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Lee D said...

so glad to hear June is on the mend and her O levels are up. I bought that twisty ruler last year too. Haven't done anything with it yet!

Jean(ie) said...

So glad June is doing better. Prayers are working. I hope this will soon be behind her.

That flower pattern is darling. And buttons? That make cuteness over the top.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Happy to hear "June" is better.

You will have so much fun with your new twister toy!

Great projects.

xoxo, Carolyn

Needled Mom said...

So glad to read that the RSV is resolving. That is so frightening.

I do love the Twister quilts. Have fun with it.

Cathy said...

Praises to God that June is on the mend! Hospitals are terrible places to be, unless absolutely necessary. So glad to hear that they got to take her home. She'll mend a lot faster there. I love the pics of Ellie.... she had huge and gorgeous eyes. Have fun with Sawyer, and lots of hugs.

Connie said...

I am so glad to hear that June is doing better and the photos of Ellie are so sweet. You are definitely going to love your Lil Twister tool!

Teresa in Music City said...

So happy June is better!!! Will keep praying for you all until she is out of the woods :*) Looks like you brought in a nice haul this week - you've been lucky in the giveaways lately!

Lee said...

Praise the Lord for healing of June - the little ones are so-o-o precious. I got one of those Lil' Twister things this past year too but haven't started anything with it yet...hmmm, 2013 plans maybe? I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for those different flavors of M&Ms - I think the last ones I bought were mint. Enjoy your Sawyer time today :)

Mary said...

I've got the twisters in both sizes, Marti has one out now too... Too many projects- can't start anything else! Congrats on the WINS and Spending the day with Beautiful Grandbabies!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

So happy the June Bug is home and improving! I also use my Lil' twister template for fussy cutting.

Janet O. said...

So glad June has come home and is getting her rest. That RSV is such a difficult thing to deal with.
I haven't been able to find those dark chocolate raspberry M&Ms here--probably a good thing. : ) We do have the cherry cordial ones, but they don't call to me as strong as the other.
Oh, Ellie is such a sweetie!

Sandy D said...

I have both the little and larger twister and have made a Christmas tree wall hanging and a runner. I have seen several cute baby quilts made using the larger twister.

Momof3girls said...

I'm so happy that June is better and now home. Thank You Jesus!

I love the button flower pillow. That's too cute! What is the flower pattern? Is it just a circle with the dark lines for the petals? The Lil' Twister design is cute. What do you plan to make?

I don't like cherry candy of any kind. YUCK! I bet my dad would love them though. He can eat a box of chocolate covered cherries in one sitting. Now, I do like cherries from a jar. They just taste better than the artificial flavoring.

I love the picture of Ellie with her hand to her ear. That is so precious!

I haven't had time to blog lately. I've been so busy, but hope to pick it up while I'm on my holiday break. I can't wait to start it either, one more week! YAY!

Barbara said...

She has such big beautiful eyes!

Paula said...

How wonderful to read that June is on the road to recovery. Thankful that she is home also.Will keep the prayers going while she recovers.
Yummy M&M"S. (drools all over computer)

Patrica said...

So happy that baby June is home in mommy's arms. Let's all hold our children extra close and give thanks.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

So pleased to hear that baby June is recovering. These things are so scary how quickly they happen but they do seem to bounce back quickly too.
Glad to hear she's nursing well, the antibodies from Mum will really help boost her immune system and the oxytocin is a great calmer too (for both Mum and baby!).

You've made some great posts just recently, so much to see and comment on I've lost track!